Redlands High School Class of 1967
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Here are more Class of 67 kids when they were in 5th grade. Once again, forgive me if I get the names wrong. It's been a long time. Row 1: Barry Miller, Chris Okusako, Tom Sutter, Terry ?, Dennis Andrews, David Criswell, and John Young. Row 2: ???, Pam Schindler, Pam Beauregard, ???, Trudy Pierce, Jill Fortress, Kathy ?, Julie Hilson, & Mr. Stanfill. Row 3: Bill Vanlieu, ???, Dean Battersby I think, Chris Robinson, Russel Dalzahl, Ronnie Martinez, Bruce ?, Kenny Thackwell, and Dick ?. Back Row: Susan McCormick, Gene ?, Janice Jacinto, Kathy Howard, Nancy Morse, Dan Alford, Ernest McClellend, Tim Beals, Greg Dwight, Eddie ?.
Posted By: CHRIS OKUSAKO - 10-01-2007
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